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Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

Texting while driving on curvy roads

Miss Lisa
Wife and mother, librarian, realistic romantic, calendering freak and drinker of Crown and ginger with a twist of lime. Monkey Sugar is what my daughter called Tang when she was little. I'm not (too) ashamed to admit I'll eat it out of the jar myself - when I'm stressed - or tired - or - O.K., anytime is a good time to eat Tang!
abandoned houses, acceptance, acting, alice in wonderland, archaeology, art, art deco, baking, beautiful things, being me, biology, books, bookstores, breaking bad, breast feeding, buddhism, camping, celtic, cheese, children, chocolate, classic rock, communication, compassion, conversation, cooking, costumes, crafts, creativity, curiosity, dancing, dining out, downton abbey, dreams, eastern religions, emotion, entomology, eyes, family, fantasy, fate, fiction, food, francesca lia block, friendship, gardening, ghost stories, ghosts, graveyards, halloween, happiness, helping, herbal medicine, historical fiction, historical homes, hot showers, imagination, inner beauty, inspiration, inspiring people, intellectual freedom, intelligent men, karma, kids, kindness, laughing, learning, libraries, library, lj idol, long walks, love, marion zimmer bradley, men, millionaire matchmaker, monty python, motherhood, movies, museums, music, mythology, nature, new orleans, open minds, originality, paranormal activity, parenthood, parenting, passion, people watching, perseverance, photography, pirates, pixar, pottery, psychology, publishing, pumpkins, reading, renaissance, sci-fi fantasy, scuba diving, self improvement, sex, sexuality, silliness, skiing, snuggling, sociology, spirituality, stephen king, strong women, swimming, synchronicity, taoism, tarot, tea, the amish, the open road, the princess bride, the ring, the walking dead, thrift stores, thunderstorms, touching, travel, used book stores, vodka, westward expansion, writing, zen